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Really good dosas from the first use

1 We were well received after guiding us over mobile on the way to reach the shop
2 Extremely polite, attentive and patient staff
3 Ms Ritwika, the young entrepreneur was leading in customer care and paid a lot of attention to all our queries and doubts. With her honest guidance we purchased a dosa tawa, kadai and Aappam vessels
4 We made the purchases on 2nd December and started using the tawa first handling it as she advised
5 We could get really good dosas from the first use itself. There was no need for elaborate seasoning of the tawa. We simply washed it with mild soap applied and started using.
Really great pre-seasoned product at a very reasonable price.
6 We are fully satisfied and confidently recommend them to anyone interested in Cast Iron utensils. Better visit their shop and buy. All products in different sizes are available
7 We really appreciate their guidance. Best Wishes to them
Ps. Anyone can reach out to them on their website chat facility

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